Maryland Wear & Carry Handgun Course

The Security Training Academy Concealed Weapons Course is designed to provide private citizens with the knowledge necessary for obtaining a concealed weapons license from the State of Florida, including the principles of firearms safety and operation, the legal aspects of concealed carry and use of force. The course consists of a classroom portion, followed by live fire on the range.

All of our instructors are certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Certified DCJS Firearms Instructors and members of both the NRA and ILEETA.

Course at-a-glance…

Introduction to Handguns

  • Become familiar with the revolver and Semi Auto and skilled in its care
  • Demonstrate safe handling skills with a revolver or semi-auto handgun.
  • Learn to identify malfunctions and how to resolve them.
  • Be alerted to the hazards of lead contamination. 

Fundamentals of Marksmanship

  • Demonstrate The (7) Fundamentals of Handgun Shooting
  • Demonstrate the five points to the draw.
  • Demonstrate on the range good marksmanship with a handgun
  • Demonstrate safe Gun handling Skills. 

Care & Maintenance of Handguns

  • Demonstrate how to perform a Safety Check on Revolvers & Semi-Auto’s.
  • Demonstrate how to properly clean a handgun.
  • Demonstrate how to disassemble and re-assemble their duty weapon

Firearms Safety

  • List the four fundamental safety rules and then demonstrate them on the range.
  • List and describe the nomenclature of a Revolver and Semi-automatic pistol.
  • Properly load and unload a Revolver and Semi-Automatic Pistol.
  • Demonstrate the 5 points of the draw safely.
  • Identify the three types of cartridge malfunctions and respond appropriately.
  • Define the basis for the Use of Deadly Force.

Firearms Retention & Storage

  • List the steps to maintain control of your firearm.
  • List and describe the process for using the non-trapping gun hand in self-defense.
  • Describe what O.O.D.A. stands for.
  • List the 10 steps to safe firearms storage


Deadly Force

  • Define the basis for the Use of Deadly Force
  • Define Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy & Preclusion
  • Demonstrate how to Report a Deadly Force Incident
  • List the “Nevers” of Deadly Force

Civil & Criminal Liability

  • Identify what Civil Liability Title 42 US Code 1983 stands for
  • Define Vicarious Liability
  • Identify what Criminal Liability Title 18 US Code 242 stands for

Use of Force

  • Define Use of Force
  • Define Reasonable Force
  • Define the Use of Force Model
  • Define Deadly Force.
  • List & Define the (6) Levels of Force.
  • Define the basis for the Use of Deadly Force.