Americans with Disabilities Act

Effective January 26, 1992, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) bars discrimination against persons with disabilities in places of public accommodation. Title III of the law bars private entities (schools, banks, restaurants, social service agencies, offices, retail sales establishments, etc.) from discriminating against individuals with disabilities in the provision of their goods and services. Individuals with qualifying physical or mental disabilities may not be denied hill and equal enjoyment of or participation in the goods, services, facilities, advantages or accommodations offered to the public. A place of public accommodation may not discriminate against its patrons, clients, invitees or guests on the basis of real or perceived qualifying disabilities.

It is the responsibility of the authorized provider to ensure compliance with the ADA for courses that they conduct.

General recommendations

  • Allow access to anyone seeking admission to a course (provided prerequisites are satisfied) regardless of real or perceived inability to participate in or pass the course
  • Tell participants in every course to participate within the limits of their ability and learn as much as they can. For some people, certification may not be important. For those.individuals, focus on helping them to learn as much as possible.
  • If there is a request for accommodation, discuss possible solutions with the individual or his or her guardian, and if the individual prefers and provides permission. A medical provider. Authorized providers may not need to provide the accommodation preferred by the individual as long as the accommodation offered is reasonable (i.e., building a permanent ramp into a pool versus using a swing-arm harness).
  • Certify each participant who can meet course skill and knowledge testing objectives.
  • Use available resources to assist people with special needs.

If we believe the student cannot be accommodated in training, the instructor and Training Director will meet to discuss the student’s disability. An attempt to temporarily accommodate the student will be made until a determination can be made by the Training Director.