We train participants to recognized and aid in care for life-threatening respiratory or cardiac emergencies in adults and pediatric persons. To provide the knowledge and skills needed to care for an injury or sudden illness until professional medical help arrives.

From CPR, First Aid and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training, we have flexible classes that help you or your company stay prepared for virtually any life-threatening situation. First Aid/CPR/AED training courses combine lecture, demonstrations and videos with hands-on training in a practice-while-you-watch format.

Standard First Aid With CPR/AED – Adult, Child, Pediatric 4 ½ Hours)

Lesson 1 Before Giving Care ad Checking an In injured or Ill Person
Lesson 2 Cardiac Emergencies and CPR
Lesson 3 AED
Lesson 4 Breathing Emergencies
Lesson 5 Sudden Illness
Lesson 6 Environmental Emergencies
Lesson 7 Soft Tissue Injuries
Lesson 8 Injuries to Muscle, Bones and Joints
Lesson 9 Conclusion