A Security Training Academy, Inc. #88-1502

Dress Code

It shall be the policy of the A Security Training Academy, Inc., that attending students’ attire shall be established in accordance with School Rules and Regulations.


Dress on classroom days will be casual wear.  A Security Training Academy, Inc., prides itself on a professional atmosphere and maintains a positive image that all students present themselves professional. Offering everyone the opportunity to dress in casual wear during the training environment offers a great way for students to be more comfortable and relaxed.

Unless authorized in advance by academy staff this is a partial listing of clothing and attire that is not appropriate: tank tops, shorts, flip-flops, or any open toe or back shoe or sandal, and gym clothing will not be permitted.  Clothing with inappropriate designs, pictures or writing will not be permitted.  Blue Jeans that are neat and not torn or show extreme wear are permitted.

Slacks/pants – Wool and cotton slacks are acceptable, provided they are clean and wrinkle free. Inappropriate items include jeans, sweat pants, shorts, bib overalls, spandex and other form-fitting pants, and pants that are excessively worn or faded. Loose fitting stirrup pants accompanied by a long top or jacket are acceptable.

Shirts – Casual shirts with collars (for men), polo shirts, sweaters, and turtlenecks are acceptable. Avoid tee shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, halter tops, shirts with large lettering or logos, and any tops with bare shoulders unless worn under another blouse or jacket. Avoid clothes that are distracting and revealing.

Dresses/skirts – Casual dresses and skirts with modest hemlines are acceptable. Dresses that are sleeveless but do not leave the shoulders bare are acceptable. Mini-skirts and spaghetti strap dresses are considered inappropriate.

Footwear – Items such as loafers, boots, flats, and leather casual shoes are acceptable. Athletic shoes, sneakers, thongs, sandals, and slippers are considered unacceptable.

Personal Hygiene – Maintaining well-kept hair, good personal hygiene, and general neat grooming is expected. Cologne and perfume should not be used in excess.

Accessories – Jewelry tends to work best when it is simple and classic. Also, shoes, belts, and socks in complementing colors are necessary for completing a professional look.


Dress on classroom days will normally be appropriate Casual Attire as determined by staff, or company uniform.  Dress must be neat and professional in appearance.  At the discretion of academy staff, students who are inappropriately attired may be required to leave the training site and change clothes. Changes to this policy for special training sessions will be determined solely by academy staff. If you have any additional questions, please contact the staff member responsible for that program