Basic Information

As beginners, you typically go through a ‘silent period’ in which you receive the English language but are not ready to speak. This “silent period” may last between two months to two years.

It may take six to nine years for students to learn English as a second language to become as fluent in academic English as native speakers.

We provide non- English proficient students with a supportive environment in which they can feel free to take risks to learn in their second language.

We provide comprehensible, meaningful input to learn English. We use visuals, gestures, and experiential learning help to provide a context which makes input meaningful.

We hold LEP students directly accountable for the criteria as their native English English peers.

As students learn English as second language oral evaluations focus on communication of ideas and process rather than on technical exactness.

Students should set goals and we as teachers set tasks that are slightly higher than what seems possible without penalizing students if they are not able to meet these expectations. Just as students should reach and take risks, we give credit for attempts even though they may fell short of what non-LEP students can do.

We provide alternative or supplemental handouts which offers information related to the objectives, that provides simplified language or greater context, visual support.

We teach key vocabulary, which is essential to understanding the lesson plan which involves visual and kinesthetic engagement as well as examples and analogies.

Evaluations include the use of questions until the students can handle more complex language, the use of notes, oral assessments, make it easier to learn.

Students are placed in learning group where students are willing to assist each other.

Use of visuals, white boards and video screens make it easier for the students.

Reading aloud and having native English-speaking students read aloud allows for better comprehension and practicing their reading skills.

We use content-based videos to help reinforce curriculum.

Students receive photocopies to facilitate the translation and take notes.

LEP students are encouraged to look up words in their bilingual dictionaries.