During the Covid-19 outbreak, our school was temporary approved by DCJS to offer the following Entry-Level Classes Online: 01E, 02E DCJS Waiver, 05E, 30E, 35E, 39E. From the convenience of your home or office you may register online by clicking HERE or call A Security Academy, Inc., at 703-916-8411 for more information.

All Shooting Events Will Resume May 29, 2020
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Classroom Entry-Level Training.

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Minimum 5-Hour Training day: The length of each module is approximate on the list above and may vary from session to session.

Module #1

  • About the Baton
  • Nomenclature of the Baton
  • Reasonable Target Selection
  • Anatomical Target Areas

Module #2

  • Levels of Control
  • Resistance and Control Management
  • Four General Levels of Control
  • Officer and Individual Factors
  • Escalation Through the Levels of Control
  • Dynamic Resistance Response Model
  • Levels of Resistance and Control Diagram
  • Recognizing Aggression
  • Sample Baton Policy
  • Post Baton Use Guidelines
  • In-Custody Deaths and Recognizing Excited Delirium
  • Elements of Reporting Resistance and Control
  • Your Agency Policies and Procedures

Module #3

  • Safety Rules
  • Principle of Balance and Defensive Stance
  • Principle of Movement
  • Principle of Center
  • Principle of Reaction Time
  • Relative Positioning
  •  Science of Energy and Motion
  • Three Ranges of Physical Defense
  •  Angles of Attack

Module #4

  • Baton Grips
  • Baton Defensive Positions
  • Baton Drawing Techniques

Module #5

  • Forehand Counter-strike
  • Backhand Counter-strike
  • Middle Counter-strike
  • Circular Counter-strike
  • Forward Linear Counter-strike
  • Rear Linear Counter-Strike

Module #6

  • High Shielding Block
  • Low Shielding Block
  • Strong Side Shielding Block
  • Center Shielding Block
  • Support Side Shieldling Block

Module #7

  • Baton Retention