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The objective of A Security Training Academy, Inc., is to consistently provide state-of-the-art training to its students. Every effort is made to ensure the training content is legal and valid in terms of currently accepted practices and procedures of the Department of Criminal Justice Services and Private Security community. Click on the play button below to watch our company video.


Armed Security Officer $290
Personal Protection Specialist $650
Bail Enforcement Agent $400
Bail Bondsman $450
General Instructor $400
Firearms Instructor $450
Baton, OC, Red Cross, Handcuffing $275
Taser PULSE Civilian Training $50

All firearms qualifications are conducted at Sharpshooters. Click here for information.
All equipment and Range fees are the responsibility of the student.


A Security Training Academy Inc., has been a leader in Virginia security training for years. If you are looking for the training and certifications you need to enter the private security world we offer reality-based, courses taught by certified instructors. Our courses include all levels of DCJS training including Entry-level and In-Service including firearms courses for handguns, shotguns and rifles. In addition we have extensive personnel training courses designed to teach you the skills necessary for effective security and investigations including full private investigator training courses.

Our private security and firearms instructors have over 30 years of instruction experience and are experts in their fields. We have spent years at our Virginia security training academy carefully designing our courses to ensure that we are able to provide you with the best quality possible and give you the skills you need to succeed in the security world. Whatever you need to achieve we can help, just check out our course list or call us today if you have any questions on (703) 916 – 8411 or email us at astai.org@gmail.com.

VA Training

A Security Training Academy, Inc., offers Private Security General Instructor & Firearms Instructor , Armed and Unarmed Security Officer, Arrest Authority, Handgun/Shotgun and Re-training, Advance Handgun, Armored Car Personnel, Private Investigator, Bail Bondsman, BEA, PPS, SCOP, Baton Training, O.C., Red Cross, Handcuffing, MOAB, Active Shooter.

Department of Criminal Justice Services, Division of Licensure and Regulatory Services

MD Training

A Security Training Academy, Inc., now is training Maryland Wear & Carry and Maryland Handgun Qualifications along with the Maryland Practical Police Course for Armed Security Officers.

Maryland State Police Licensing Division

DC Training

A Security Training Academy, Inc., is now training individuals for Special Police Officers and DC Concealed Handgun Permits.

District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department Security Officer Management Branch

DC License to Concealed Carry Firearms

Entry-Level Training
6 VAC 20-174-160 – Entry Level Training Each person employed by a private security services business or applying to the department for registration as an unarmed security officer, an armed security officer or courier, a personal protection specialist, armored car personnel, a security canine handler, an explosives detector canine handler, a narcotics detector canine handler, a private investigator, an alarm respondent, a locksmith, a central station dispatcher, an electronic security sales representative, or an electronic security technician, or electronic security technician's assistant as defined by §9.1-138 of the Code of Virginia must meet the compulsory minimum training standards herein established, unless provided for otherwise in accordance with this chapter. Training will be credited only if application for registration is received by the department within 12 months of completion of training.
Control and Defense
Course Description The Control & Defense training program was organized to provide officers with the skills needed to control aggressive individuals and to defend themselves against assaults. What will you learn? Levels of Control in Self-Defense Levels of Control by Law-Enforcement, Security and Caregivers Resistance and Control Management Available Control Options Four General Levels of Control Officer and Individual Factors and Escalation Through the Levels of Control Levels of Resistance and Control Diagram and Dynamic Resistance Response Model Recognizing Aggression Sample Use of Force Policies Post Control & Defense Guidelines In-Custody Deaths and Excited Delirium Agency Policies and Procedures Elements of Reporting Resistance and Control Principles of Balance, Movement, Center and Reaction Time Relative Positioning Three Ranges of Physical Defense Evading Aggression and the Clock Principle Introduction to Control & Defense Skills Escorting an Individual Disengaging Directing an Individual to a Prone Position and Prone Control Supine Control The Effects of Pressure or Impact to Nerve Centers Zone of Safety and Defensive Blocking Personal Weapons and Vulnerable Areas of the Body Reasonable Target Selection and Target Levels Characteristics of Defensive Skills Science of Energy and Motion Defensive Counter-Strikes Introduction to Ground Defense Introduction to Holstered Weapon Retention Introduction to Static Weapon Defense 8-Hour Control & Defense Basic Course- Valid for 3 years
Specialized Training
We train participants to recognized and aid in care for life-threatening respiratory or cardiac emergencies in adults and pediatric persons. To provide the knowledge and skills needed to care for an injury or sudden illness until professional medical help arrives. From CPR, First Aid and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training, we have flexible classes that help you or your company stay prepared for virtually any life-threatening situation. First Aid/CPR/AED training courses combine lecture, demonstrations and videos with hands-on training in a practice-while-you-watch format. Standard First Aid With CPR/AED – Adult, Child, Pediatric 4 ½ Hours) Lesson 1 Before Giving Care ad Checking an In injured or Ill Person Lesson 2 Cardiac Emergencies and CPR Lesson 3 AED Lesson 4 Breathing Emergencies Lesson 5 Sudden Illness Lesson 6 Environmental Emergencies Lesson 7 Soft Tissue Injuries Lesson 8 Injuries to Muscle, Bones and Joints Lesson 9 Conclusion
In-Service Training
6 VAC 20-174-170 – In-service training Each person registered with the department as an armed security officer or courier, a personal protection specialist, armored car personnel, a security canine handler, a narcotics detector canine handler, an explosives detector canine handler, a private investigator, an alarm respondent, a locksmith, a central station dispatcher, an electronic security sales representative, an electronic security technician, an unarmed security officer, or an electronic security technician's assistant shall complete the compulsory in-service training standard once during each 24-month period of registration. All firearms requalification classroom training maybe taken online and you need to email the school with your Range date portion to requalify, before your completion is sent to DCJS.
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