SCOP Richard McMonagle

I have had the pleasure of learning from Joseph at Security Training Academy as my head instructor. Joseph continually exceeded expectations in content management and has a deep understanding of the security and law enforcement field. He is a dedicated, hard-working instructor, with excellent communication skills that help to provide a great basis for the career one chooses. Joseph understands how the industry handles situations and can direct a message, that students can grasp and understand. I have personally learned a lot from Joseph and look forward to learning more from him in the future.

Ali K.

When I began my first class with Joseph Bonacci, it became quickly apparent that I was dealing with an experienced professional. His experience and knowledge of Commonwealth law, regulations, and procedures was more than I would've expected. As as University student, I was expecting another organization that was going to shuffle me in and out and grab my money but it was much more than that. I'll be returning for further training and certifications ASAP.

JC Myers

I have attended this academy on two separate occasions and found the instructor/owner outstanding. He teaches fact and makes one understand the danger and possible implications of being sued in the professions that he teaches. I am a former DC Police Detective, former IRS Agent and former Special Agent with US Customs and now a Private Investigator. The training received is much more valuable than the cost of the course. His self defense and firearms training in fantastic. In closing you  cannot get any better training anywhere.