Student Code of Conduct

1. STUDENT CONDUCT: Every Student admitted to A Security Training Academy Inc., (hereinafter
referred to as ASTAI) is expected to treat Academy Staff, fellow Students, outside Instructors and
others with proper respect, dignity, and courtesy. Violations of this rule may result in dismissal from
2. STUDENT ETHICS: Students will adhere to the highest standards of ethics while enrolled
in ASTAI. Cheating, dishonesty, or deception will result in immediate dismissal from the
Academy. If it is learned that a student received a deceitful or dishonest conditions, his/her certificate
will be revoked by the Academy, and notification will then be forwarded to DCJS.
3. STUDENT ISSUES: Students that encounter problems or concerns with the Academy content or
assigned homework are encouraged to resolve any issues informally with the Training Director. If this
does not resolve the issue, the student may write a formal request to DCJS regarding the disputed issue.
The Training Director’s decision is final.