1 in 5 Americans are concerned with their safety, and only about 35% have (1) one gun in their home. This means there is huge-potential for the less-lethal market in the US.

Plus, less-lethal self-defense tools not only appeal to those who are too shy to pull the trigger but also gun owners who want to strengthen their self-protection plan with a variety of options for different scenarios.

Providing a variety of less-lethal options and training is good because:

1. You can carry legally in more locations than firearms

2. There are less legal factors to consider

3. They are great for family members who are uncomfortable with firearms

Less-lethal options are great for those weary of owning or carrying a firearm because:

1. You are still concerned about their personal safety

2. You can be purchased without a background check

3. There are a range of options in effectiveness to suit their comfort level and lifestyle


Less-lethal self-defense training is just as important as proper firearms instruction. Not only does training develop your personal protection plan, but training can be used as a tool.