TO: All Students attending Training 

FROM: Joseph Bonacci, Training Director 

RE: Academy Guidelines & Expectations

This memo covers topics that will keep our Academy in great condition, and answer some of the most common questions that are asked by our students. This is a partial listing, if you have any questions, or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask any staff member for assistance. All attendees are subject to A Security Training Academy, Inc., Code of Conduct. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and enjoy your training.


Students shall print their name on the attendance roster each morning and afternoon prior to the beginning of classroom training. All web-based attendees will remain live on screen with the Instructor for each 50-minute lesson and will get a 10-minute break each hour and will receive a 60-minute lunch break. Each student when beginning the course, must remove as many distractions as possible, find a quiet spot away from family members and visitors, students are required to turn loud appliances, televisions or radios off during all web-based training.


1. Eating and drinking in the classroom is prohibited, only water is permitted in the classroom. NO EXCEPTIONS!
2. No one shall sit upon desks, or tables.
3. No other materials are to be brought into the classroom except for notebooks, memo pads and black pens, and this includes newspapers, books, pictures.
4. The use of wireless electronic devices, such as cellphones, laptops, and PDA’s are prohibited without prior approval.
5. The use of tobacco products is prohibited inside the Academy building. The designated smoking area is out front of building. Please keep the entrance way clear for people entering and exiting. Please deposit all cigarette remains in approved containers.
6. Watches, pagers and cell phones must be placed in a mode other than audible alert and should not be answered during instruction. If you have any wireless earpieces, they may not be worn during training. If you must answer a call; please step outside the classroom to complete your call. Please avoid all non-essential non-work-related use of mobile devices as this distracts from classroom instruction.
7. Cheating, lying, stealing (or attempts thereof), giving on examinations are grounds for dismissal from training.
8. Students are to evaluate the Instructor(s) and Academy programs.
9. Students are expected to fully participate in all training activities.
10. Injuries incurred during training, shall be reported immediately to Staff. A written report regarding any injury, accident, illness, shall be prepared by the student and submitted to Staff.
11. Students are reminded that while in training they are in an “on-duty” status. They are subject to their Companies Policies and Procedures, as well as the A Security Training Academy Code of Conduct and any applicable rules, regulations, policies and practices.
Sign in for all sessions that you attend, to receive proper credit. Please sign in for both a.m. and p.m. sessions. You may miss no more than 10 percent of a class for any reason. If you miss more than 10 percent, you will not become certified. If you are taking an In-Service class, and miss time, you will not receive credit for the time you attend. Attendance is required and mandatory for all In-Service classes unless the Training Director or his designee has approved a legitimate excuse.


Dress must be neat and professional in appearance while in the classroom or while taking web-based training.

At the discretion of Academy staff, students who are inappropriately attired may be required to leave the training site and change clothes or if taking web-based training asked to change their attire to a more appropriate attire.

Hats or sunglasses are not permitted to be worn inside the building or while taking web-based training.

Students are reminded that while in training they are in an “on-duty” status.

Dress should normally be appropriate civilian attire. Clothing with inappropriate designs, pictures or writing will not be permitted. Blue Jeans and T-shirts that are neat and not torn are permitted in the classroom.


Written tests will be given for all entry level training programs. Students will be evaluated if applicable to their program, for In-Service no testing is required.

Each performance-based evaluation, and objective must be satisfactorily met as determined by Academy staff. The passing standard for written testing (non-instructor level) written testing will be one attempt at 70 percent.


1. Prior to attending any course, the students are required to visit our website or review Guidelines and Expectations to ensure they meet the minimum qualifications and pre-requisites for the course being contemplated.

2. Course Instructors will provide to the students the goals and objectives and a training schedule for each course taught. The instructor will also speak to any test or skill requirements at the beginning of the course, so the student is aware of the expectations going forward.

3. Students will always conduct themselves in a professional manner. Improper conduct may result in being dropped from class.

4. At the completion of each course, the Instructor will hand out a course evaluation form for the students to complete and for web-based training course a course evaluation will be provided to fill out. This will provide valuable feedback from which we can improve the courses.

5. A written examination will be administered after each entry level training session. The examination shall be based, on the applicable learning objectives. The student must attain a minimum grade of 70% for all entry-level training examinations to satisfactorily complete the training session.

6. Firearms classroom training shall be separately tested and graded. Individuals must achieve a minimum score of 70% on the firearms classroom training examination.

7. Failure to achieve a minimum score of 70% on the firearms classroom written examination will exclude the individual from the firearms range training.

8. To successfully complete the firearms, range training, the individual must achieve a minimum qualification score of 75% of the scoring value of the target. B-27or FBI Q. for (07E) or (08E) AND 92% for (09E) and In-service training.

9. To successfully complete the private investigator entry level training session, the individual must:
a. Successfully complete each of the four graded practical exercises required; and
b. Pass the written examination with a minimum score of 70%.

10. To successfully complete the personal protection specialist entry- level training session, the individual must:
a. Complete each of the five graded practical exercises required under protective detail operations pursuant to 6 VAC 20-174 (the practical exercises must be successfully completed prior to the written examination); and
b. Pass the written examination with a minimum score of 70%.

11. On a form provided by the department, the training school director will issue an original training completion form and training certificate to each student who satisfactorily completes a training session no later than five business days following the training completion date.

12. In a manner approved by the department, the training school director shall submit an original training completion roster to the department affirming each student’s successful completion of the session. The training completion roster shall be received by the department within seven calendar days, or postmarked if mailed, no later than five business days following the training completion date.

13. Course certificates will be issued to each student at the end of each course of Instruction provided the student has passed all required training. If your certificate is lost or damaged it may be replaced for a fee of $10.00 to cover the administrative cost to reprint that certificate.

14. All course materials used during instruction that is directly given to the student is proprietary and not to be duplicate or copied. Any web-based course students enroll in the course material will be emailed directly and must be present and held in front of the camera before beginning class