2 – Gun Class 

July 15th, 2023

Prerequisite:  Sound Foundation of Pistols & Rifles

Class Size:     8 Students Max

Instructor:    Joseph Bonacci

NRA LE Instructor

DCJS Firearms Instructor

DC MPD Firearms Instructor

MD Firearms Instructor

FL Firearms Instructor

This course combines the tactical use of both the pistol and carbine.  Students should already have a sound foundation in the use of both weapons. After a quick review of the fundamentals, the course will continue with advanced drills and move into more advanced skills. Topics will include equipment setup, zeroing, reloading, malfunctions, ready positions, transitions, slings, shooting positions, close contact drills, shooting while moving, barricades, barrel sight relationship, and support side shooting.

• Safety

• Shooting positions
• Drawing

• Multiple shoots
• Fundamentals of shooting

• Multiple targets
• Malfunctions

• Speed shooting
• Shooting positions

• Shooting on the move
• Shooting moving targets

• Shooting behind cover


Ammunition Requirements: 500 rounds of (.223) Factory carbine ammunition, 300 rounds of Pistol ammunition. A Security Training Academy, Inc., will not be selling ammunition at this course.

Gear List: (.223) Carbine Rifle & sling, three carbine magazines, a magazine holder for your carbine magazines, Handgun & three magazines, strong side or drop leg holster, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, knee pads and weapons cleaning kit and lubrication.

Course Cost:

$200.00 tuition fee, which includes 8 hours instruction, and a certificate of completion.

Qualification: Course of fire shot on Military, VTAC, DT-4A, ATF targets at 3,7,15 yards

The Range portion will be held in Winchester, VA. For more information or to register for this course contact Joseph Bonacci: 703-916-8411 or astai.us/register-online for the 2-Gun Class.