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Personal Protection Specialist Training

Personal Protection Specialists Outline

We offer the most professional and practical approach to security services. We can provide security consulting, with a custom-designed security and safety plans. We provide all aspects of physical security and personal security, whether covert or overt operations, with a non-confrontational approach.

With the ever increasing need for security awareness, coupled with corporate and VIP protection, protection is a daunting prospect for any individual or business who feels they may require various levels of security.

Equally of concern is a popular misconception of Close Protection Officers/Teams and the roles they play. The image of “bodyguards” being “heavies” are justifiable in the media portrayal. However, this leads to a very damaging effect on the profession.

Our teams are specifically trained, certified and licensed with the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Criminal Justice Services, Private Security Section. Formulating professional protection results from analyzing the client’s requirements, enables a client to continue their business and social engagements in a safe and secure manner.

Of paramount importance to all clients is our ability to totally coordinate protection logistics. Allowing a client to proceed on their mission without distraction. Our Personal Protection Specialist assignments have included social events, corporate/board meetings, family and residential protection, in the United States, Denmark, England, South Korea, Germany, and Myanmar. Except for reference purposes, we do not publicize the private sector individuals we provide services too.

We are dedicated to not only improving the image of the industry, but also to respect our client’s confidentiality, public image and the need for professionalism.

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